Outreach Opportunities

Daybreak Needs

As COVID-19 continues to spread and close down businesses around Macon, our homeless brothers & sisters are being disproportionately affected. However, Daybreak says, "Love is spreading faster than the Corona Virus! Thank you to all who support our needs!" A list of Daybreak's current needs can be found below:

  • Cotton Balls

  • Vinegar Bleach

  • Brown Lunch Bags

  • Raisins or Dry Cranberries

  • Gatorade

  • Individually Wrapped Desserts (Cookie Packs, Little Debbie's, etc.)

  • Fresh Fruit (if delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays)

  • Disinfectant Sprays or Wipes

  • Gloves (for cafe, latex free)

Please drop off donations at Daybreak (174 Walnut Street, Macon). If you do not want to come in, call from your car (478-216-9119) and they will come get your donations.

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